Wings – Quick Build

January 2, 2018

I have had my Wings (Quick Build) for over 1 year.   I was finally able to finish off the Empennage and clean up the garage so I could work on the wings and get a second car in the garage.    It took me several days to go over the first few sections of the plans that the factory built.   I found the quality to be good.   Through section 16 I did find some items that I needed to finish.  Those were:

  1. The factory did not tap the tie down.   Tapping is not hard, but I did have some hesitation because the part that needed tapping was already riveted on and if anything went wrong,, replacing that part would be a ton of work.   All went well.  Lots of oil, went slow and backed the tap out many times.
  2. The Aileron bell-crank pivot holes were not drilled to 1/4.   Since they were already installed, I needed stubby tight fit drill bit to get it done.   I ordered the bits and drilled them out to 1/4 followed by deburring them.
  3. The holes for the nutplates and the holes for the screws that go through them were not drilled.   I drilled the holes, deburred , dimpled and mounted the nut plates.

For the last several days, I have been match drilling, deburring and dimpling the wing and gap fairings.   I need to figure out how to prime the gap fairings.  It is way too cold outside now to do that I do not not want to do it indoors.

Tanks .   I could leak test the tanks while it is so cold outside   first I need to attache the fittings   I placed an order to VANs and Saf-Air.    Saf-Air has the Stainless Steel quick drain plugs, 1 for each wing:  110SS is the part number.   The VANs order consisted of misc bolts and screws and a leak test.  I do not feel to confident about them being sealed since they have been in storage since 2006 when they were built for I also bough some repair plates that I can use if I need to cut them open for access.   Also in the order were the fuel floats, Electric aileron trim, and the SV-1 NACA vents.   Checking for leaks will tale me a few days and I will need to make a special cradle, or add a support to my current Wing Cradle.


Videos to follow soon.